someday i will call
til then I’ll remain away
for now I forget you all
I may remember someday

(and) all the bad I’ve seen
seems to hide the best in me
and i can’t find a reason why
to stop this run and hide

like the old, alone, forgotten
I too am breathing here
(and) like a decaying Autumn tree
that has no more leaves to leave

when i walk on down your streets
i see you all pass on by me
not a glance or chance you give
the way you were trained to live
but I’ll keep on walking on
till the rising of the dawn (waters fall)
a search of a better way
an end to the reigns I pray (rains)

Before they drown all of you
and your corrupted city views
brainwashed by CNN,
owned by the government

written by Richard Schaller