RISING WATERS is an indie-rock band.  Consisting of four fine, young and hungry gentlemen with trashy rhythms, solid bass lines, intense lead, straight-rock percussion, and an acoustic hard-driving backing style.


More Details:

Currently based in Eastern Canada along with such musical trail-breakers as Wintersleep and Matt Mays, RISING WATERS is primed to make Nova Scotia, and Canada proud.

Breakdown:  A northern rock indie band formed in 2008, based in Halifax, with roots from all over Nova Scotia.

Rising Waters have a modern rock style with contemplative lyrics (Richard Schaller) hidden behind technically perfect guitar riffs (Keegan Leblanc), layered with solid straight rock, percussion (Michael Kemp) and kept in check with targeted backing bass (Nick Patterson).

Lyrics: Main writing influences are the gloom rock lyrical style of Thom Yorke, imagery and story master Bernie Taupin, pessimistic yet romantic Chris Rea, rhyming meter specialist Wintersleep’s Paul Murphy, with the straining passion of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.

Musical Ethic: They are as loyal to their fans as they are to their roots and venues they play. Due to their online presence, much of their fan base is spread over the entire Northern continent, as their web sites show and as such, supporting their effort at a world sound approach, although proud to call the East coast of Canada home.

Available Material: Recording, mixing and mastering NOW COMPLETE.  Visit the music page for samples!  Physical copies and digital downloads via iTunes coming with release.  NOTE: Limited time free download of NO APOLOGIES currently on

Rise up.
Rising Waters Band 2013