From Them


Sadness where do you come from
Why won’t you leave me
Leave me today

Madness, what has delivered you
What has brought you
My way

Courage, where were you yesterday
When I couldn’t find the words
I needed to say
To him, to her, to them

Mother, come and find me
Your little boy,
Has gone astray

Father, please forgive me
And all your dreams for me
That I slayed

Darkness, say hello to me
Come back inside,
Help me sleep

Vengence, come empower me
Place my enemies
In harm’s way

Revenge, come and sit with me
Teach me all your ways
And get satisfied again

Treason, give me a lesson
Make me remember wrongs
Placed towards me once again
From him, from her, from them

The blame can on no one else
I see the lies inside myself
Maybe now we fix the wrongs
Maybe now we can grow strong
We’re all the same in the mirror
We’re all the same inside our fears
Maybe now we start again,
And see the price is not the same
From him, from her, from them.

Rise up X 4

written by Richard Schaller