Not In Dreams


Not In Dreams (sung to a caring young miss)

your so perfect, and I am so hopeless
inside your heart I want to hide
you deserve everything, owed to your beauty
you hold my world within your eyes
but you don’t know me, so you don’t need me
so by your side is where I lie, in my dreams…in my dreams, in my dreams

they’re all laughing, at your table
you have the right words all the time
how they bend to you, how they defend you
they all crave young blood, a soul that shines
but when the polish, starts to tarnish
I will save you just in time, in my dreams, in my dreams…in my dreams

In love, I am falling, my knees are next on to the ground
someday, I hear it calling, and in this hope I want to drown
all these problems, people pushing, but in her voice I hear calm
maybe someday, if good luck finds me, I will be right by her side
not in dreams, not in dreams…not in dreams

Richard Schaller