Our songwriter’s poetry


@copyright 2002 to 2013 Richard Schaller


what of this loathsome routine

what of this phobia within

in silence I sit and feel and hear

the beat of my repetitive heart

how I loathe it, how I fear it

my fate controlled by this fist-sized device

will I hear it’s final beat

will I feel it’s final pump

of life blood through my veins

I feel it now increase in tempo

I feel it propel me through time

it fuels my soul, and feeds my bones

it gives air to my thoughts and mind

so humble so modest, so slippery so moist

such deserving praise delivered from this angelic voice

waiting, beating giving life through each breath

thumping, pumping with it’s rest comes by death




Black crow silent and true

you do not hide what you are

nor do you wish to

unlike me, so chained, so caged

unlike me, so loud so vain

unlike me, so broken so shamed

unlike me, so false so tamed

Black crow silent and true

you make no excuse for what you do

black crow silent and true

before I was broken I was once like you




Those ants still swarming

In that sickening way

Molesting and multiplying

In crawling endless waves

They invade the rotting peach

Tearing at it’s thin skin

Their torrents of tantrums do not cease

Everyday increasingly lacking,

of the fluids that matter within




I used to snare rabbits,

And shoot them with Dad’s .22

I’d return home bloody, the ignorant victor

My young conscience never moved

Years passed, and now I have one

That I feed and take care of, rabbit kind as a pet

So now I know my enemy,

And the traps and violence I now regret

With this lesson learned true,

Years passed again, as years tend to do,

Then time forged a friendship,

Between me and you

Then one day news of your actions old friend,

Came as such surprise

A twisted anti-climax

A dark sonnet, written layered lies

So I cannot understand, for the life of me,

You my unexpected enemy, whom I knew so well;

Why I would never feel sympathy

If the hammer clicked and before me you fell

So I sit and pet this rabbit,

With you on my mind

As I look into its caring eyes

And not a harm do I find,

So why did I shoot rabbits?

With people like you alive

Why did I shoot rabbits?

While your kind infests and thrives




Blue skies submit

Clouds begin their angry swirl into gray

Hiding the blue above


Trees asleep in their winter escape

Branches drooped low

Covered in water’s harshest form

Occasionally shimmering, exposed brightly

The clouds curtain begins to lift

Back to gray, the season commands

With warning, the sky grows darker

Shifting time into a twilight dusk

Mist colder, heavier

It’s weight sinking deeper

Then again, sunlight struggling

With each day closer to spring,

It gets stronger


Richard G. Schaller




With many surrounding, we drift in this vivid dream

Forcing each other to carry on

Weathering the storm and finishing the race within

Searching for shore with it’s sanctuary

Always justifying the reason to tempt fate once more

Always onward into tomorrow

Without regret and without impatience

We wait for some distant lighthouse

To assure and send it’s beam of guidance

This way is home, never mind the winds or waves

This is where you led yourself, where you had to go

To who you must be and who you are

Security will be the reward for your struggle

Never mind the winds or waves

Richard G. Schaller




With broken words and shattered ties

This existence passes by

Awake again to conquer fate

Unencumbered by the weight

As the bridges blaze behind us

Lighting the way for the next obstacle


Knowing no boundaries

No preset limit

No top speed

We tread on


Defeating all resistance

With intelligence and force

Strategy and strength

Trusting in each other

Forgetting the words of mother


Richard G. Schaller




To be ruler

To be king

To banish the tyrant

Become the victor

Welcomed savior

Unwelcome to the enemy

Sender of salvation

To be honored,


To be constant,


To be the messenger of hope


To follow the heart

To die by the sword

Richard G. Schaller




Give all

Selfless sacrifice

Willingly expire


The light of day

The dark of night

All colors between


Accepting defeat

Losing pride





To be released

Create a void

To be filled by another

Attempting inspiration

Sparking the thought

Releasing the pendulum

Opening eyes


Pursuit of truth


Richard G, Schaller




The end never comes

It never ends

It is always

Unseen, but blinding

Freedom of movement, yet binding

Peering back into the beginning

The birth of it all


Sprinting in it’s unpredictable manner

Waiting while wanting

Attacking while taunting


Richard G. Schaller


There are the days that everything is for nothing

And it all seems in vain

There are the nights where all you hear is silence

When all that is left is tomorrow

A chance to try again

It may come to pass you

As the night falls once more

To blanket the dark sadness

To justify the locks on the doors

These days… one by one they come

Not caring what they leave behind

Never answers given, questions on the mind

The road is long indeed

The rivers vast and wide

But time will pass you slowly

On this you must rely

For at the end of this journey

You will lie alone in spirit

And these days will still pass by

So do not rush to your destination

Take time to watch the sky

With it’s wonder, simplistic, repetitive wonder

Richard G. Schaller




It begins again, another chapter to be written

In the never ending book of life, with all it’s changes

Sudden reversals and constant question

It begins, around another corner, another distraction

Placed before you once again, to be overcome

Either overcome or pause there forever…

Never to see what lay beyond,

Never to see the reward of success, if any

And if no success is presented or no reward found,

Then the knowledge of the experience,

Good or bad,

Was worth the turmoil

Until the challenge ends, changes

Or begins again

Richard G. Schaller



2:00 A.M.

There are many who live to acquire

Need to speak louder above the crowd

Like fish they squirm through life,

Following something shinny

They talk about tomorrow

How they will be satisfied then

When the next comes, they say the same thing again

No understanding of the present

Never a silent whisper of self recognition

Or appreciation of the sights they see

Tastes they taste

Scents they smell

Sounds they hear

No sense of balance, not knowing themselves

Already dead, or to say the least, asleep

Like a child

They prepare the next toy, tossing yesterday’s behind

Rage and impatience with a slight dash of complaint

Mix into personality, and add a heartbeat

Serve with a side order of regret

Close your mind, go back to sleep, wait until you

Richard G. Schaller




So far away

Wind through white-covered pines

Lonesome hollow cries

Snow falling slowly, heavy and steady

Fueled by the cold

So cold

Wolves huddled together for warmth

Wild eyes scanning

Searching for this dangerous enemy

This maker of discomfort and fear

On this relentless winter’s night

Another moan, howling hauntingly

Into the forest, into the blackness

The largest wolf curiously submits a lone cry

Wondering thoughts of possible solitude

Wondering thoughts of possible company

Calling again, until a response…

Richard G. Schaller




Let go of me, so I can let go

Let me experience, so I can understand

Let me question, so I can learn

Let me lose, so I can gain

Let me try, so I can do

Let me be ashamed, so I can respect

Let me fear, so I can be safe

Let me hate, so I can love

Let me love, so I can live

Let me live, so I can die

Let me die, so I can elevate

Richard G. Schaller


Forever he roamed, never finding home

Always at war

Hating to see the sunrise in the misty morning

Wishing for blackness and closure

Waiting for an escape

The rain would fall from above

He would feel as if he was being cleansed

From all the wrongs he had done

From all the impurities and ugliness

He would stand straight up

Holding his stretched arms outward

Mocking Jesus with his tilted head

Wanting lightning, awaiting punishment

Willing to pay for his sins

But no lightning came, not even thunder

The conscience never letting go of the guilt

No forgiveness, no closure, no peace

Even at rest

Richard G. Schaller




You are your own navigator,

You decide where you want to go

You develop your temptations,

Luring yourself to events and objects of your own desire

You are your own altar,

Sacrificing or praising your ideals, beliefs and morals

You are your own teacher,

Learning on the way to your destination

You are your own angel and devil,

Testing and tasting the paths of right or wrong

You are the only judge,

It is up to you if you become at rest, or forever restless

You are the only flame,

You control if you rise higher, shine vibrant and blaze,

Or burn out

Richard G. Schaller




Forgiveness is unattainable

It is the chasing and attempt of erasing regret

The only way to closure is acceptance

Respect the experience

This universe is centered around the individual

The individual closes their eyes, their universe ends

Understand this… to them, so does yours

Welcome turmoil to challenge the soul

It enhances and awakens the mind

When the ropes slip from your hands

When you are being trampled by the waves

Either reach down and regain control

Or weather out the storm

As for lies and manipulation,

These are another’s attempt to enforce their own beliefs

Not your beliefs, so they are illusions

No harm can come from illusions

Unless you believe in them,

And not yourself

Richard G. Schaller




Wind and water erode the earth

Arrogance and ignorance erode the mind

With pride comes arrogance

With impatience comes ignorance

Selfishness causes false understanding

Selflessness causes insanity

Modesty is underrated, satisfied when under exposed

Lift the vale of secrecy, unmask the hidden stranger

Exile the allure of illusion

Understand the source of what is known

Training to be as vast as the horizon

Behind the simply camouflaged rain

Accept knowledge as ammunition

And blow the evil away

Richard G. Schaller




A candle burns

Awaiting a lost soul’s return

It’s flame flickers, curtains dance above

Inspired to by the music of the wind

Wax falls weeping, turning to stone as it cools

The slight illumination revealing the old room

Quick glimpses of photos and faded wallpaper

Retrieving past memories

Replaying old regrets as the rain falls

In it’s transparent waves

A random raindrop falls, the flame slightly sizzles

Time passes, morning breaks, the dawn spills

Tipping the balance of day and night

A candle to be re-lit

Awaiting nightfall, awaiting return

Richard G. Schaller




The way we were forced to think, behave and be

Broke my body and soul

The time we were given and recorded by

Set the pace and insured the results

Once felt like the impervious fortress

Knowing nothing of cowardice and fear

Now a lost child, but one of four billion

Waiting for the courage to change course

No past, no future, just present, always the now

To face the crushing hooves

To reach down and regain the reigns

Living not by time’s foolish game with resent for it

For it is a fictional invented word

Born from one being’s imagination

It is amazing the power of assumption

Richard G.Schaller



Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John)

The symphony fills the stage

Sounds slowly emerging, engulfing

Steadily progressive, with it’s enchantment

Like Merlin’s magic a spell is sent seducing

Timid tones become timed thunder

As the silent approach of a storm

Dark and violent yet bright and vibrant

Constant compromise with erupted emotion

Sixty years on through Tonight


Richard G. Schaller




Delight does not present

Smoke straight up from smokestack

No wind, just cold and it’s hatred

Water turned to stone, movement stolen

Imprisoned by it’s ice cage

Trees stripped of all beauty

Excluding the point of view of the pessimist

Flowers and animals, hiding and hibernating

Sky above, gray, grim and grieving

Acting as a gateway into wonder

Richard G. Schaller




Never to be consumed, complicated or conquered

Not to be mislead or misunderstood

No longer confused, conned or disconnected

Owing the bitter taste of defeat

In debt to manipulation

Anticipating the next attack

Thanks to the mentor

In all his disguises

Richard G, Schaller


Flowing from fingers

Ceasing only to recharge

Resting in subconscious

In this ultimate chess match

Playing with unknown rules

Refreshed by odd originality

Powered unorthodox

Encouraged from the unique

Inhibited by the capitalist

Encumbered by the failed communist

Exposing both to selfishly inspire

Let the scientist prevail

Richard G. Schaller




Whom has broken you

Whom has driven their ideals through your wrists

Whom has wrapped your mind in wire

Did they overwhelm your dreams with reality

Did they stamp on your spark

Did they exchange your individuality for their normalcy

How deep within is the warrior buried

How many words cover your action

How can you revive that forgotten savior

Which event will surpass your tolerance


Which strength will be summoned

Which tools will be used to overcome

Will you succeed

Will you fail

Will you be proud to tell the tale

To your Grandchildren

Or will there be none…

Richard G. Schaller




It rained all that night

He awoke that morning like no other

Beaten, broken and wet, he opened his eyes

Greeting the given day with acceptance

Leaving anger and stubborn resistance in dreams

In dreams never to be dreamt again

He rose to the light of day

As if the sun’s brilliance was a giant lighthouse

A beckon for direction, a marker for a destination

The plot in a play

In which the backdrop was a celestial sphere

With a new found wonder he received the dawn

Allowing aroma to enter he inhales fresh moisture

Morning scents roll clumsily in and welcomed

Washed by the rain to be original and natural

No longer artificial, conflict no more

Accordance accomplished despite the abyss

Richard G. Schaller




Lately living within separation and isolation

Denying the inevitability of time and it’s effects

Been standing outside the looking glass

Watching the rats run their race

Observing the ants increasing their pace

Handicapped by this encumbrance called empathy

Finally seeing what Darwin had seen

Understanding what (Research name you forgetful fuck)

Finding disgust in the invented word “forever”

Practicing humor in this constant present as escape

Pressing the depression into tomorrow

Tomorrow, the optimistic word for “never”

Striving to be misunderstood

While playing the precarious strategist

Conviction in the uplifting liberalism of detachment

Richard G. Schaller




To all those opposed;

Do not beg from your future victims

Refuse to brag about your precious accomplishments

Or else those burning bridges blazing

Will light your way

Towards your solitude

Live in your selfish, self contained way

Inwards your dreams direct

Not shared, so not encouraged, or understood

As you say what you have been told to say

All your interests imposed

Persuaded and pre-selected

A link in the chain

A fish in the stream

Richard G. Schaller




Forget not what is owed

Do not lose recollection

Come to age and realize

Life is new birth everyday

With the sunrise rebirth

Comes the last day’s labor

Come to see with practice

The illusion

Take trust in what you have learned

Live for what you practice

Just now, this moment, be satisfied

In this sterile world bring invention

Some necessity of change, variation

Fall into love’s bottomless pit

Without screaming

Richard G. Schaller




I will burn like a secret

On this dark red evening

For if it were not for her love

The minutes are immense days

Richard G. Schaller





Into something new


Finally I somehow found you


Over and above all the rest


Forgiven so I can forget


Reborn as the page turns

And turns,

And turn

Richard G. Schaller

Paradox from Pandora’s Box

But to achieve such lowliness

To hold such simplicity

Would be in itself,

A hypocrisy

For the understanding

Of humbleness and modesty

With it’s valued regard

Is the foundation of arrogance

And in silence comes greed

As information is withheld

Nothing is shared

But with wisdom comes placement

When is the time

When is the place

Premeditated cold calculation

Richard G. Schaller

Strange Times

To back when Glooscap made the thunder

These mountains stood

Only slight wrinkles from the spring rains

Show upon their faces

The buds prepare to dress

Their naked by winter host

The leaves to follow will insure

The ground below is moistened

By the protecting shade

As the sun burns down

Like it never did before

Richard G. Schaller




I drove by mighty Bras’dor water

In a wild winter’s storm

Even though the cold bit hard

The swirling sea waves would not freeze

The whining wind wound about

With it’s weeping widow sound

Saddened by the violence below,

And except for the snow-laden pines

Everything was gray

Under that Cape Breton sky

Richard G. Schaller




When those bright eyes dim

And blood begins to slow

When twilight loses it’s spell

And growth refuses to grow

Forget not of spring rain

Forget not of winter’s snow

Remember all the wisdom

That you have yet to know

And beware those Seven Chieftains

Richard G. Schaller

One Out Of Twelve

Flowing from fingers, always

Ceasing only to recharge

Resting in the unconscious

Time elapsed becomes cynical

Hopelessness due to practice

In this ultimate game

Playing with unknown rules

Refreshed by odd originality

Respecting the unorthodox

Encouraged with the unique

Inhibited by the blinded capitalist

Exposing to selfishly inspire





Such sorrow amid darkened hearts

In this trial of image and falsehoods

Increasing sarcasm of moral laws

Our commandments shattered and broken

Rejected and ridiculed, unknowingly

We stole our own paradise

Alienated, confused fear in countless eyes

In a world where forgiveness is discouraged

While worth is encouraged

Below the surface of our skin the demons wait

As our punishment is self decided

These demons thrash and tear, surfacing

Richard G. Schaller




I drifted in a dream last night

Filled with devils and demons

Predictions and consequences

The sky burned with a spiteful, angry red roar

Trees stood black and charred

No leaves, fruit or birds in their branches

The land lay dry, sifted of all hope and goodness

Lost souls roamed, oblivious to the wrath

Sometimes tripping over the defeated dead

A strange mist constantly engulfed, it hurt to breathe

Insects scurried, the starving followed their trail

Then, for some reason, I watched and listened

No ignorance or futile vanity did I see

No conceited words of dramatic pride did I hear

There was just what was, reality in it’s totality

The world was raped, dead as a result of man

With his careless progress and encouraged greed

It was the most poetic dream I ever had

Richard G Schaller



For a belief in something it roamed

Onward in solitude the individualist struggles on

Disperse the masses with their judgments and opinions

Rain falls on this solo lonesome traveler, alone

In the void seeking what is sought

A lone crow studies the movements below from above

And follows in protection and approval

Of this solitary being, this sibling

A cold wind whines wrapping round raindrops

Chilled hands slide into warm pockets

Replacing their stolen warmth

Thoughts of dislike were not thought

On this journey to self understanding

Halfway on this passage of change

Toward the discipline of acceptance

Never go down that dark and blinding path

Richard G. Schaller




The absolute dissolving of decadence

Facing the greater strength armed with experience

Knowing the definite outcome of victory

Facing the fear to defeat the sadness

While being filtered through this system

Evading, eluding, escaping and evolving

As the water recycles around us

Like the life we borrowed from the last

We are still so young, in so many different worlds

Our arrogance proceeds us

While a common thread connects

The inevitable life and death

The thread being between

Richard G. Schaller




With unrivaled patience it waits

Wanting to engulf, overcome and overrun

Wishing to smother and flood

Sending it’s black wave of sorrow

Mentally injecting the virus of standards

Only learning what we’ve seen and heard

Too complex to comprehend

But already explained in history

No acknowledgment in the advice from our downfalls

We laugh at the next generation, testing

My word,

These dark verses are so underfed

Richard G. Schaller




Some strange specter visited last night

This wraith came forth as wind with wrath

Breaking the blinds, disturbing my restless sleep

I awoke without fear, no need for fear

For I knew the sun would rise

I knew brightness would come, in time

So I sat upright and set aside my ambitions

Thinking of only the present, not preoccupied

Once again, as often I pondered this existence

So I drifted…

So few live and so many die…daily

They suffer seeking an end to their sadness

A fine line they tread, they try so often

To change all those opposed

In vain

Then in all that thought process,

The darkness withdrew

And the sunrise hit again

Richard G. Schaller





She starts fires

Just to put them out.

Always practicing,

She plays with words.

Her mother told her

To be this way, because

It worked for her

The proof is that she is here.

And how can that be hated?

How can violence come near?

When all she wants is to be,

Warm, safe and here.

But all you see, sadly

Is a debt never paid.

A possession, for trade

A hindrance between you

And the world you could have owned

But no hate will I feel for you

Just sorrow and prayers




What is this thing that comes my way

What form atop beast hunts me

Throughout all my time

It’s footsteps behind

Closing in

As the light within me fades

It’s eyes grow bigger, glow brighter

It’s horses hooves pound louder

The beast’s breath so warm and moist

Upon my neck

I am sure not to stumble

Not shaken by the rumble


But alas, even in youth

I tire

Richard G. Schaller




The darkness took hold of his soul

Once again that darkness so cold

So pure in it’s unholy way

as it gripped and ripped

a grasp which would not slip

collecting due, losing patience

Inevitable making of acquaintance

that form following procedure

that sub-conscious creature

named so metaphorically





It’s a new day, but an old day

No matter what the calendar says,

it’s just another one.

back to your rented apartment,

that is 300 dollars away from being a slum

stare yourself to sleep,

telling yourself tomorrow is another day

they cheat death to get to work,

but someday the wind will blow them all away

the pain comes in waves

the outside is always

as you pray to God to bring the rains

you pray to any God to bring the rains

bring the rains

bring the rain

Awake to the falling drops,

you smile as if your prayer is answered

you see the floods coming, the cars drowning

then you awake, back into your nightmare cancer,

bring the rains

bring the rainz.

(music breaks then whispering–a poem I wrote 4 years ago)

The winter here is cold

the trees and my heart has frozen

like those great lakes without bottom

the sun glows dimmer

as my eyes, only see

what will be oncoming

onslaught, and ends justified

by means, with this…

I shake and fall in disbelief

I have to fall, it is said that I must

make room for the next

as I take only what I need

like who came before me

but now the only belief believed

is greed

Richard Schaller 2007




Innocence I lost you, you call to me

But I don’t hear you

and holiness, I’ve forsaken you. you offered me refuge

which I didn’t choose

questions, I’ve found you, you haunt my mind

I own you

and sustenance, I sustain you, deliver me

from what I gave to you

and love, I’m afraid of you, and all the things

that you might not do

truth, I no longer believe in you, you’ve let me down

a time or two

oh were all dying, and on the inside were trying

and oh it’s so hard,

when all your memories are my scars

faith I remember you, I used to pray to you

but you never came through

and family, what became of you, was it me or the world

that changed my view on you

oh were all dying, and on the inside were trying

and oh it’s so damn hard,

when all your memories are scars

are scars. are scars


Richard G. Schaller 2007




sadness where do you come from

why won’t you leave me

leave me today

madness, what has delivered you

what has brought you

my way

courage, where were you yesterday

when I couldn’t find the words

I needed to say

to him, to her, to them

Mother, come and find me

your little boy,

has gone astray

Father, please forgive me

and all your dreams for me

that I slayed

darkness, say hello to me,

come back inside,

help me sleep

vengence, come empower me

place my enemies

in harms way

revenge, come and sit with me

teach me all your ways

and get satisfied again

treason, give me a lesson

make me remember wrongs

placed towards me once again

from him, from her, from them

Richard Schaller 2006




Rolling back in to this Godless city

Armed with a broken soul

and a tank full of pity

Sit with me..passenger side

Music on, lets never forget the ride.

If love was a law, we’d be charged with a crime

Everyone knows

that a broken heart is blind

So now I’ll just wander,

and follow my mind…

I followed my heart,

but it wasted our time

And what of lessons learned,

from this small heart burned?

How can losing feel like a win?

Fear of a new endings beginning?

What is this doubt…

that I am drowning in…

This was a love story…

gone and faded

This was a family…

If we could have made it.

Who’s to blame…i’ll take it

Who’s happy, you’ll fake it

The female directive,

Food, warmth, protection

A DNA driven hunger…

Buried deep, built within

A man’s mistake written in stars

Where does he go when gone too far

No answer…no reply

Just another abandoned soul

From an exchange gone by

Now I’m back to this Godless city

Armed with a broken soul

and a tank full of pity

Sit with me..passenger side

Music on, lets never forget the ride.

Music on, lets never forget the ride.

Music on, lets never forget the ride.

RGS 2012




This satisfaction is temporary

The foundation is still diseased

First reaction arbitrary

No time to stop and bleed

Bitch, complain, waste air

Tomorrow still comes

Born without a care

80 years gone by, rejoice

blink It’s your turn to die

Release chained

release change

Produced another lie


When things need to change…they usually do.

This thing called love…

Just a burden to bow to

For a woman, security

For a man, responsibility

a lie to bend, seal and send

The robin hood of time


Richard Schaller




The darkness is still there,

more silent, more grown.

the balance is off here

more tilted, more alone

memory has gone sour

more broken, more overgrown

It’s almost time to say goodbye

this beauty has blackened

the core turned to stone

the white worms are back again

the white worms are back again

here to take me home

here to take me home

The white light is…


Richard Schaller


This just in!!

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The fresh water wars have begun.

Richard Schaller




You know who you are.

Did you think we’d take it so far?

Your ignorance led you blind

You walk open eyed into this trap

The day is yours, you burn, you won.

The day is yours, you burn, you won.

Settle this dispute for ever more

Fire starts in silence to even scores

Like the great Phoenix bird,

We give you a chance to return to this earth…to start again

A chance to rise from the coals

A chance to cleanse a lost soul

A pleasant farewell you fortunate one

The day is yours, you burn, you won.

The day is yours, you burn, you won.

The day is yours, you burn, you won.

Trade me, trade me…

Take away my pain

Give me your opportunity

To burn, to learn, to wait.





Clean hands pure heart

Sin with a prostitute

Freezing now..but warm soon

Keeping hope alive

Hope is keeping me alive

Hiding under the table

Watching for scraps of bread

I’m a prisoner, in my own head

Can’t afford a free thought

Maybe someday, maybe not

Remembering the sober times

Remembering black-out nights

I’m a limited being

Terrified of the infinite fight

Farthest away from where I began

And getting further everyday

Gravitating towards some light

Some peace of mind

As the footsteps thump upstairs

Reminding me…that I am not alone

I loosen the noose,

And step down from the stool

Because I am not alone

as you are not alone.

Dont worry what others think of you

Don’t let yourself drown in yourself

Become someone else

Ask for help

Plenty of time left for dying

Maybe time to start trying

Tell the truth with lies designing

Either/or if it keeps you surviving





I float along these city streets

Like the future ghost I will be

Young faces turn old with age

Hopes and dreams,

turn the page

Think of me, remembering you

And all the hell we went thru

Day by day, by my side

No other love…could survive

We tried

Walk with me

Back to there

That moment in my heart


All was well

All was right

Each day bested

By each day’s night

Richard Schaller




Let it die

Let it pass

Give up it’s ghost

Just in time

Save the moment

In your mind

Remember this place and time

Forget the pain

Refuse it’s wrath

Don’t let it replace a Memory’s path

A summer day

Is on the rise

Another love

Will come in time

So Let it die

Let it pass

Give up it’s ghost…

Just in time

-RGS 2012




All things are new again

The flood will be televised

All things are new again

Radio waves over rising tides

Flooded lands and reasons why

Too many to hold

Too many to know

Watching the earth freeze

To stop it’s human disease

Starting new…a new plan

Until all things are new again

All things are new again

All things are new again

All things are new again

All things are new again

All things are new again

All things are new again

All things are new again

Richard Schaller




Burned a bridge

into a blaze

So It could

light my way

Bluest midnite,

Starriest sky

Met me true,

took my side

Felt honey drip,

with hands in grass

Warm wind, calmed face

Gentle sleep, horizon vast

Fresh soil now

Into a garden I till

All Forgotten, forgiven

In time I will.

Remove the sword

Lower your shield

Raise your hand

A handshake…feel.

Richard Schaller



The engine idles, the white poison slowly fades and flows.

As I contemplate. As I decide.

There is much I do not know,

still so un-aware, still so young

Even with this body so old.

So much I do not, or cannot understand,

but I do know that tonight is a beautiful night,

as the moon sends a haunting light

to tops of the pines I see below,

from all I survey from my roadside look-off peak, from the spot where I forge a new destiny.

You are gone, and never forgotten.

I want to join you.

However you would want me to push on, to finish,

to stay in this race.

Reluctantly I will and for you and your memory I will, even though you can never be replaced.

Richard Schaller




Unhappiness turns to

Frustration. Frustration

Turns to violence

In one form or another

Physical to inner

Physical to other

Emotional to other

Emotional to inner

Spirit shrinking…ending.

However, the animals know

The mother will protect

It’s young

Sacrifice herself

For her offspring

Not because of law,

Not because of words

But because of nature.

The strongest law

Live life as it comes,

Live as nature intended

Die as nature intended

Be happy, be content

Be focused. Grow.